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11 Dec 2010

Hoardings and Pangaea

Hello, hello.
Term is almost over so a quick update on what's been going down.
My class has been approached by Mr Ian Anderson of the Designers Republic for a series of illustrations that are being used around the university and hopefully finding their way into a published book. The project entitled 'Hoardings' required us to edit a life size photograph of ourselves. I decided to turn myself into a monster because, well, I like to think I am a bit of mischievous little monster.
I was also approached about designing some t-shirts for the upcoming Pangaea festival. These designs can be seen below. Click to go to the bigger image.


  1. nice work on the Hoardings project, very original! i like the t-shirt designs too very cool

  2. Thanks :)
    I really hope enough people submit work so that it doesn't end up falling on its arse.


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