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Big, fuzzy haired illustrator, UK. Has worked with clients such as Cadburys and SNAP magazine. Happy to work for any reason, if you're interested in my style email me;

16 Jun 2011

New Blog

I've officially moved to tumblr.

If anybody would like to follow me on blogspot via my RSS feed, here are the instructions on how to do so:

1. Go to your dashboard and scroll down to the 'blogs' section and click 'ADD'
2. Paste the following URL into the address bar:
3. Click follow publicly.
4. Sit back and enjoy my work on a semi-regular basis.

Also, I now have my own OFFICIAL website.

You should all bookmark it right now so you can say you knew me before I was famous.


20 Mar 2011

The last few weeks

Haven't updated, so I'm going to do 3 or 4 big updates each showing a different set of work over the last few weeks.
These were for my last project, it was based around Riots in 2010 and how people in different countries riot differently. The examples here are The Moscow Football Race Riots, The outing of a Moroccan refugee camp, The London Student Riots and The March for Life. They are all fascinating and worth investigating.


20 Jan 2011


Well, I've not put much up. I'm hard at work, but I don't want to post what I'm working on until it's finished.
Until then, I started a new 'project' called 'Everyone Draw Batman'. It is simply that, blog where I want people to submit their drawings (or whatever) of Batman. Anybody. Anything. As long as it's Batman.
This all started because I was bored, ended up drawing Batman and my mind ran away with me.
Click on the Dark Knight to visit the site.


13 Dec 2010


Just a couple of drawings of some friends. I came up with the idea that I'd do a drawing of every single one of my Facebook 'friends' over the next year, but it's a pretty big challenge. Still, could be fun. I'll see how far I can take it before I crack.


11 Dec 2010

Hoardings and Pangaea

Hello, hello.
Term is almost over so a quick update on what's been going down.
My class has been approached by Mr Ian Anderson of the Designers Republic for a series of illustrations that are being used around the university and hopefully finding their way into a published book. The project entitled 'Hoardings' required us to edit a life size photograph of ourselves. I decided to turn myself into a monster because, well, I like to think I am a bit of mischievous little monster.
I was also approached about designing some t-shirts for the upcoming Pangaea festival. These designs can be seen below. Click to go to the bigger image.

19 Nov 2010

Big Fish, Little Fish, Bears in space

The first bears piece is a flier design I submitted for 'Pangaea', and it may be getting printed around Manchester. The second is a more developed version I did afterward which is going to be printed in the first issue of the zine I'm creating with fellow members of the Hand Collective.
The fishy is just for fun.

12 Nov 2010

Kids with guns

Continued work on my current uni project.
I would encourage everyone who looks at this too take a gander at Hand Collective. It's a new blog set up by three friends (Jack Moss, Emily Welham, Ben Hartley Marjoram) and myself (George Sarell) to showcase our work between us. We've been talking about some kind of zine for a while and this looks to be the first steps.


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